Maryland-based death/black metallers AURORA BOREALIS have inked a deal with Xtreem Music. The band's new album, "Worldshapers", will be released on March 1, 2014.

If there is a legendary and pioneer band that started blending Death & Black 20 years ago, this one is AURORA BOREALIS from Maryland (USA). Now, with their 6th full length album already recorded, Xtreem Music is proud to announce the addition of the band to its roster, signing them for the release of "Worldshapers" in spring 2014.

Formed back in 1994 by mainman Ron Vento, the band has been developing their unique brand of brutal, fast and technical yet melodic Death Metal with adequate doses of Black Metal. One of the most outstanding points in the history of AURORA BOREALIS has been the usage of top drummers for the recordings of all their albums such as Tony Laureano, Derek Roddy, Tim Yeung and currently Mark Green, which gives a good idea of the band's pedigree, and everything excellently topped by the awesome songwriting of Ron Vento.

"Worldshapers" is the 6th full length album, their finest work to date, which contains 10 tracks of relentless Death/ Black with an astonishing production at Ron Vento's very osn Nightsky Studios, blending elements that might evoke bands like early HATE ETERNAL, ANGEL CORPSE, IMMORTAL, CARCASS, NILE, EMPEROR… but managed in a masterly way and with lyrics dealing about mythologic, cosmic and futuristic matters.

Release date for "Worldshapers" is set for March 1st, 2014 but you can already listen to an exclusive advance track at Xtreem Music's Youtube & Soundcloud channels here:

FALL 2013

Here is a video going over the gear that was used to make the cd as well as some playing and song clips from the new cd as well as cover art.
This will mark Aurora Borealis's 7th cd. Spanning 17 years and still going strong. It was recorded at Nightsky Studios www.nightskystudios.org and produced mixed and mastered by Ron Vento. The line up is Ron Vento Guitars Vocals and programming, Mark Green on Drums and Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert on bass. We are expecting an early 2014 release. The entire discography is still available for free download HERE for a limited time.

Contact aurora4dth@aol.com for pre orders of the new cd "WORLDSHAPERS"

The new album "World Shapers" is basically an offshoot from the other cd "Timeline". There is a line on "Timeline" in the song "Tearing Holes in the Fabric of Time" that talks about the human race sending encoded dna/human genome Micro organisms in a message that they send while using plank energy to tear open the fabric of time itself into other dimensions, billlions of times. They do this because our universe is dying along with everything in it. The line even says that this is a different story (thus not part of Timeline but to be address later). This story is about the reception of that message by a different species / race in another dimension. It was planned to do this story long ago when writing the "Timeline" cd. While "Timeline" was more what i believe to be truth about the Universe, it's birth and demise and everything in between, this new cd is purely Science Fiction but still touches on some very real topics. To sum it all up Our last messages were received and we were then reconstructed using our own notes and dna, as well as the human connectome project on a planet terraformed specifically for humans to live on. The new race removes some of us for experimentation as well. They monitor our progress over thousands of years, and decide along the way we are not worthy to really live. We as a species should not be allowed to exist anywhere in the universe due to our ways. We also confuse these creators as our gods along the way. Eventually they decide to eliminate us, but not with traditional war methods, they are ancient beings they do not have WAR like we do so they use other methods. The irony is they are no better than us and they are also being watched and will also will be judged. The story sounds rather simple but lyrically it gets pretty in depth. i think these are my best lyrics to date and you may have to read them multiple times to grasp what i am trying to get across. As usual i add some many subtle subliminal messages hidden within so even though it is science fiction there are things to be learned .


Here is the new album cover design, created by Mike Hrubovcak: www.visualdarkness.com


The new Aurora Borealis cd "World Shapers" is nearing completion and should be released at the end of 2013 or early 2014.

Download the previous album "TIMELINE" for FREE here:
TIMELINE: The Beginning And End Of Everything

This is a free download for anyone courtesy of Aurora Borealis.
They are 256kb mp3's and full high res layout.
No payment is required but If you like the cd and feel generous
PLEASE give a little
, (Any amount is Ok).  We put a ton of hard work
and many hours into this so it is appreciated. 

The Actual Hard copy of the cd is $10 in the USA and $19 World.

We also have Relinquish, Time Unveiled, and a very very limited supply of the Original Mansions OF Eternity cds available.

Any one cd      $10 USA and $19 World
Any two Cds   $18  USA and $30 World
Any 3 Cds       $24 USA and  $42 World
All 4 CDs         $30  USA and $52 World

All payments should be sent to PAYPAL address nrthfromhere@aol.com
or to our snail mail address at 3432 Rockefeller CT waldorf MD 20602
Thanx and Enjoy!

JAN 2011
After tons of work here is an 11 Minute Preview of the New Album.

There will be only 1 pressing available ONLY THROUGH THE BAND
and NO WHERE ELSE. Pre order using paypal address nrthfromhere@aol.com
There will also be a free download late FEB 2011 Complete with layout and high quality audio files.

DEC 2010
New Information for the 2011 release.

The new CD will be titled :
"TIMELINE: The Beginning And End Of Everything"

The cd will be released very early 2011
This will be the 6th Studio cd for the band who have been around since 1995. It will Consist of 9 tracks, & a couple narratives. Approx running time will be 45 min.

RON MILLER will be lending multiple pieces of artwork for the cd package. He is best known for his work as the production illustrator for the movie DUNE.

The cd is a concept cd that starts from the beginning of all existence and continues through until the very end of universe and the eventual retraction and rebirth of it all.

"The cd is what i consider to be a true chronological explanation of how everything was started and what will happen over the next 100 billion years and beyond" I try to touch on everything from the big bang, to the formation of planets and stars, life in the universe, evolution and creationism, eventual space colonization, the fabric of the universe itself, time travel, other dimensions and species trying to preserve their races.
I also explain how I think it all will one day end"

"There are literally hundreds of hours wrapped up into this cd so far and we still have a good ways to go but the release should be out very early 2011."

"The cd will have a limited hard copy run with fairly elaborate package, however we plan to also put up a link with a zip file of the entire package's artwork and layout as well as high quality loss less audio files on the web site for people who cannot afford to buy the cd. I want anyone who wants the cd to have it, its not about making money on this, its about putting out a great cd and getting into the hands of people who want it."
This is not some garbage I am just putting out, it is from years of
research and studying the cosmos and the things that make it up. I have been intrigued by this since a very young age because my father who works at NASA always was working on some sort of space mission and bringing info on them home when i was a kid and it just has stuck with me through the years.

Here are some new videos of some set up and tracking for the new Aurora Borealis cd.

Guitars Set up and Tracking

Bass and Vocal Set up and Tracking

Drum Set up and Tracking

SEPT. 2010
Drummer Mark Green to do New Aurora Borealis CD
Just letting everyone know that Drummer Mark Green will be doing the new cd. The drum Recording will take place the first week of Sept. We have had a rehearsal to finalize all parts and he has spent the last month as well as the remainder of this month to refine the parts. The actual cd will still not be out for a number of months because I am planning on just taking my time with the remainder of the recording process but I estimate maybe by the end of the year it will be out. I will post a link to the files here when the cd is available for download. Should be a great cd, the rough tracks we laid down have me ready to do some real recording.......
Thanx again to all who submitted audition videos and audio, it really was tough picking a guy from all the submissions.

JUNE 2010
Aurora Borealis Have completed writing for a new album. Look for a new release late 2010 or very early 2011 :)

Aurora Borealis has stopped the search for an acceptable deal for the new album and have decided to release the cd on Nightsky Productions. The cd will go to press next week and be ready for an early April release. Anyone interested in pre orders should contact Aurora4dth@aol.com Pressing will be limited. The Cover art can be Seen here Songs cover 37 minutes and Track listing is as follows

1.) Myths of the Light
2.) Let The Games Begin
3.) Ravaged By Fire
4.) God Wills It
5.) The Red Flag
6.) River Through The Skies
7.) Tonight We Feast
8.) Black Snow

AURORA BOREALIS has created an Official Forums page. Click here to enter the Aurora Borealis FORUM.


AURORA BOREALIS have finished the recording for the newest CD and are in the process of submitting the album to labels for release and distribution. Sound samples are available on the Samples Page. Any interested labels should contact Ron Vento at AURORA4DTH@aol.com This is guaranteed to be the fastest most extreme Aurora Borealis album yet! Professional black / death metal at its best!

AURORA BOREALIS have finished tracking all drums and guitars for the new cd. Everything is coming along great and the vocals / bass will be done shortly. Any interested labels should contact Ron Vento @ AURORA4DTH@aol.com

AURORA BOREALIS has finally started work on the 5th CD and the lineup has come full circle at long last. Tony Laureano (Nile, Dimmu Borgir, AngelCorpse)  will be Drumming as well as collaborating on writing of the new material. Recording will be done at Nightsky Studios beginning January 31st. Any interested labels etc should contact Ron Vento @ AURORA4DTH@aol.com

AURORA BOREALIS have recently completed their obligations to
and are currently writing material for their 5th Studio Album. Any interested Labels should contact AURORA BOREALIS to inquire further.

E-mail Aurora4dth@aol.com
Snail mail:
3432 Rockefeller CT
Waldorf MD 20602 USA